of  International Ballet Competition Vaganova-PRIX

1. General information

1.1.International ballet competition “Vaganova-PRIX” (hereinafter  referred to as Competition) has been established by Vaganova Ballet Academy in collaboration with Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.

1.2. The goals of the Competition are:

the consolidation of common educational goals  in the field of ballet art, support of integration processes in the sphere of ballet education through exchange of experience between professional ballet institutions, that provide ballet training in Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States  and  abroad;

- promotion  of national ballet pedagogy and performing art achievements;

- to endeavor perfecting  professional system of ballet artists’ education;

- perfecting of classical dance teaching methods;

- to encourage further perfection of professional education  in the field of ballet art, as result of upbringing and training.

1.3. The Competition in held once every three years in St. Petersburg.

1.4. The Jury members are  elected  by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation 

1.5. During the Competition there may be held academic conferences, round-the-table-discussions dedicated to issues of ballet education

1.6. Organizational, financial, technical, informational, legal and other support of all activities conducted within the framework of the Competition is provided by Vaganova Ballet Academy (hereinafter referred to as Directorate of Competition).


2. Regulations of the Competition

2.1. The Competition is open to male and female dancers aged from 15 to 18 inclusive, granted that they receive their training in professional  educational institutions in the art of ballet.

2.2.Entries from applicants should be sent before ... 2021  to the address: 191023, St. Petersburg. Rossi street 2, Vaganova Ballet Academy, tel: 812 4560765 (ext. 243), fax : 812 456 0765 (ext. 286), e-mail: Filled in entry form can be sent by mail or e-mail. Information on the Competition and on-line entry form can be found at the Competition  site

2.3. Competition will be held in  two rounds

2.4. The order of each competitor’s stage appearance is determined by ballot and will be preserved till the end of the Competition.

2.5.Contestants performing in duets will have the right to perform with non-competing partners.

The performance of non-competing partners will not be assessed and evaluated by the Jury.

2.6.Performance of each Contestant will be assessed  individually. The final prizes awarding will be based  on the accumulated score of the first and  second rounds.

2.7. Contestants should have for their stage appearance: stage costumes, ballet footwear, all essential props, electronic audio-recordings (CD or USB-FLASH).  

2.8. Contestants can only  use audio-recordings on CD or mini-CD as accompaniment. Contestants shall submit audio-recordings separately for each piece as stated in  the entry in two copies. The name of competitor, choreographic piece title and Round number should be clearly and duly stated on each copy. Audio-recordings must be of professional quality and edited prior to submission. Contestants should have separate  recording of all choreographic pieces for  rehearsals.

2.9. Video recording and filming of the Competition events  are only possible if  specifically authorized by the Directorate of the Competition.

2.10. Contestants of the Competition and their partners and  arrive on  the dates stated in the invitation.

In case of contestant's being late for the beginning of the Competition for  good reason the Jury will decide on the possibility of his/her participation in the Competition.

2.11. Directorate of the Competition shall bear expenses for contestants and their partners (accommodations and meals) only for the period of their  participation in the Competition events: from the date of their arrival in St. Petersburg, but not earlier than specified date on October 14, 2018 and until 12 pm of the day, following the end of the round in which the contestant participates, in case the contestant does not advance  to participate in the following  round.

2.12. Contestants who arrive to the Competition and prefer not to participate, as well as the contestants who do not advance  to participate in the second  round of the Competition, can stay till the final events of the Competition at their own expense.

2.13. The Directorate of the Competition will provide the contestants with rehearsal studios and opportunity for one rehearsal before each round on the stage of the venue where the Competition events will be held.

2.14. Contestants in  the Ist Round of the Competition will perform :

Female division: Classical dance class with elements of A.Y.Vaganova class (A.Y.Vaganova “Basic Principles of Classical Dance”. L. 1980), and  to conclude the class will be individual presentation of technical skills based on curricula of graduation class level.

Male division: Classical dance class with elements of People's Artist of Russian Federation V.I.Ponomarev class, and to conclude the class will be individual presentation of technical skills based on curricula of graduation class level.

2.15. Contestants in  the second round of the Competition perform one classical duet or two variations from the proposed list. Female dancers perform one variation from A.Y.Vaganova and one variation from classical heritage ballet ( based on Supplement I).


3. The Jury of the Competition Procedures

3.1.  Jurors  are  present during all events of the Competition and at all Juror's meetings, participate in voting and discussions of all issues within their competence.

3.2. Executive secretary of the Jury participates in all meetings, sessions and discussions without the right to vote.

3.3. Jurors are committed throughout the Competition to abstain from comments on radio, TV, in mass media interviews  etc. with regards to performance of contestants.

3.4. The Jurors assess all participants admitted to participation in the Competition, evaluate their performance, take decisions of contestants advance to the following Round, award prizes and diplomas.

3.5. After each event the Jury will assess each contestant's performance via records in the evaluation sheets and  sign those to be collected by the Executive secretary for further count of the votes.

3.6. Upon count of votes the Executive secretary informs the Jurors of the results of voting. After the Jury's confirmation of the voting results, the Executive secretary announces the results of voting to contestants.

3.7.The Juror can not participate in  discussions and voting (putting a dash instead of score) for contestant who is currently his/her student or was his/her  student for no less than three previous years.

3.8. In case of contestants receiving equal score from the Jurors the final decision is made by Chairman of Jury.

3.9. Contestants are evaluated in all rounds of the Competition by 25 - point score.

3.10. Passing score from the Ist to the II nd round of the Competition  is 18 (eighteen)  points.

3.11. Contestants who receive 18 points  and more by result of voting, but no more than 60 dancers (including non-participating partners) are admitted to the II (final) round of the Competition.

3.12. The final result  of  contestant will be accumulated score of points, received in the course of the Ist and II nd Rounds of the Competition, with the number of points for the II nd Round being decisive and doubled up.

3.13. Depending on  final  score of contestants, the Jury reserves the right within the number of prizes:

                 a) not to award all prizes

                 b) to divide prize among contestants

                 c) to award titles of  Diploma-holders and special prizes

3.14.  Participant to the II nd Round who is not recipient of  a  prize or diploma will receive Award certificate for participation in the Competition finals

3.15.During the Jury meetings unauthorized persons are not permitted to be present in the Juror’s Room.

3.16. Jurors' decision is final and incontrovertible.    


4. Prize-winners awards

4.1. There have been established the following prizes: 

Two First Prizes (for female and male dances), two Second Prizes (for female and male dancers), two  Third Prizes (for female and male dancers), fourteen  prizes for participants in the second round, two special prizes of Vaganova Ballet Academy – ten month training at the Academy, Prize to the best partner. In addition to the above mentioned prizes the Directorate of the Competition can institute additional prizes on behalf of interested individuals or organizations

4.2. The amount and value of prizes are established by decision of the Directorate of the Competition                                                                                





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