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International ballet competition



From the early XX Century and up to present day the art of ballet is unimaginable without the name of Agrippina Vaganova and the Architect Rossi Street, formerly Theatre Street.


It is extremely important  to become a contestant in 

Vaganova-PRIX  Competition in the very centre of world classical ballet. 


I am delighted to welcome the renewal of the Competition 

and all young dancers who will bring to the stage their 

artistic achievements and aspiration to succeed.

In 2018 I have welcomed the proposal from the "Prix de Lausanne" Competition to  make a preselection in Russia at the occasion of the Vaganova-Prix Ballet Competition.

This format of the Competition will enable the participants to  have a go in Contemporary dance and will offer the competitors  new creative opportunities.

Nikolai Tsiskaridze

People's Artist of Russia

Principal of Vaganova Ballet Academy



All you need to know about competition


General information about list of judges 


Connection with the office


International ballet competition


  • 1 prize - Alla Dmitrieva, Irina Zelonkina, Yana Kazantseva, Dmitri Gruzdev, Andrei Evdokimov, Vadim Shumilov 

  • 2 prize - Anna Dorosh, Anastasia Dunets, Elena Kniazkova, Yri Belousov, Igor Markov

  • 3 prize - Olga Volobueva, Anna Polikarpova, Bazarkul Kiasinov, Maksim Chepik


While working on my teaching method I tried to capture the dance basics syllabus, my accomplishments, all that I have come throught the years of my experience as a dancer and a teacher.

A. Vaganova

Waiting your questions

Tel: +7 (812) 456-07-65 (add 243 or 244) |  Email: intercontact@vaganovaacademy.ru


Tel: +7 (812) 456-07-65 (add 243 or 244) |  Email: intercontact@vaganovaacademy.ru



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Международный балетный конкурс Ваганова-При
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Tel: +7 (812) 456-07-65 (add 243 or 244) |  Email: info@vaganovaacademy.ru

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